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Constructing a Vision for Community Growth

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by YRK Magazine,

Deepening roots, strengthening ties to community and working to achieve big plans … Kinsley Construction is building a vision for York’s continued growth and development. Its #BuildYork campaign champions and celebrates downtown York’s revitalization through quality construction projects that build community.


Kinsley’s commitment to supporting the infrastructure of a revitalized York can be seen at the heart of the company itself: 1110 E. Princess St. What was once vacant building space is now a state-of-the-art office facility with space and amenities to support Kinsley’s future growth.

The new East Princess Street office unites the building’s past with its present and future. Multiple meeting spaces throughout the structure allow employees and clients to collaborate with support from up-to-date technology. Flexible open floor plans throughout the building feature stand-up desks and comfortable seating. A large training room and an in-house photography and videography studio offer the places and tools to transform ideas into projects that benefit York’s community and enrich its culture.

Like extensions of the interior, outdoor spaces on the campus invite employees and guests to connect through conversations and idea sharing in an open-air setting. 


As the place where Kinsley was founded in 1963, York means a lot to President and CEO Jon Kinsley and the more than 800 employees who live and work in York. Selecting the location for this new office, he says, was a decision motivated by Kinsley’s connection to the city. “We have deep roots in York,” he says. “Expanding some operations at our current location in the city was the only option we considered.”

Working together with community partners to make big ideas happen, transforming spaces into places of potential, supporting the work of nonprofits throughout the community, advancing careers, and employing local talent … today, and each day, Kinsley Construction is proud to #BUILDYORK.



“As it applies to York, a ‘creator and maker’ is an individual or organization that understands the importance of a strong local community. They have the vision of what it looks like and the positive influence it has on the lives of everyone who lives there. Most importantly, they have the drive and commitment to make their vision a reality. They not only talk the talk. They walk the walk and produce a positive outcome.”

— Jon Kinsley, President and CEO, Kinsley Construction

Originally published in YRK Magazine


From jobsite to firehouse, Kinsley Construction manager is right where she belongs

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by Our York Media,


Maybe it’s a warehouse renovation, where men have been sweating in the summer swelter. Or maybe it’s the new unit at a York County hospital, the complicated technical specs to be followed just so. Sure, you can see him standing there.

But can you see — her?

“There’s definitely a small group of old-school people who are surprised to see a woman out there,” says Kaitlin Stough, a Kinsley Construction project manager. “But, when you focus on quality work, building relationships and making the client happy, the respect comes.”


Kaitlin’s no stranger to working in predominantly male fields.

After high school, she enrolled in fire school to be a volunteer firefighter and later worked jobs as an emergency department tech and 911 dispatcher.

For the next phase of her career, Kaitlin still wanted to make a difference – and Kinsley provided just the opportunity. Every project is a chance to give back, whether it’s new housing, a school renovation or a facility that will create jobs.

Kaitlin appreciates having a workplace where employees grow along with the spaces they create; where a new project is a point of local pride; where everyone climbs the ladder together.

“Kinsley is supportive of anyone trying to accomplish a goal – personal or professional,” Kaitlin says. “They’re right behind you, ready to help get it done.”


That support extends beyond the jobsite, as Kinsley is just as focused on building people — their people — as they are on building buildings.

Today, Kaitlin and her husband are both volunteer firefighters with Franklintown Community Fire Co. They spend ballpark weekends with their 13-year-old son, Aidan. And if there’s a spare minute, the family hikes together.

She’s never felt like she’s had to sacrifice her life as a wife or a mom or a community member while she’s grown with Kinsley.

Originally published in Our York Media.


#BuildYork: Kinsley’s Culture of Community Support

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by YRK Magazine,

Creating, rehabilitating and revitalizing

…each day in downtown York, ideas take shape through concrete and steel. Just as a foundation delivers support to a building’s infrastructure, Kinsley Construction delivers quality construction projects that help grow the community of York and beyond.


York is where Kinsley got its start in 1963 and has remained its hometown headquarters as the company has grown over the years. The Kinsley family and more than 800 employees continue to call York their favorite place to live, work and play.


At the heart of Kinsley’s culture is a tradition of giving back to local organizations and showing support for the community, both on and off the jobsite. Employees are empowered to build strong relationships and explore philanthropic efforts. Together, they volunteer for and support over 100 nonprofits and organizations in York County.


With a drive to help build a strong community and enrich the culture throughout York, Kinsley is focused on working together to create projects of any size, scope and vision. In 55 years, Kinsley has completed 8,000 projects in York County. Some recognizable projects dedicated to the arts, culture, education and history include:

  • The Yorktowne Hotel
  • Appell Center for the Performing Arts
  • Creative York
  • Agricultural & Industrial Museum
  • Think Loud
  • Martin Memorial Library
  • Steam Into History
  • Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center
  • York Academy Regional Charter School
  • York College of Pennsylvania Humanities Center

With a commitment to giving back through its construction projects and community service, Kinsley employees are working together to help #BuildYork.

Originally published in YRK Magazine.

Press Release

Kinsley Ranked #1 General Contractor in Central PA

Top Three CPBJ RR Gen ContractorKinsley Construction, Inc earned back-to-back titles as the #1 general contractor in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York counties in Pennsylvania. Central Penn Business Journal (CPBJ) readers nominated and voted Kinsley as the top contractor for the journal’s 2018 Reader Rankings.

“We are honored to be voted the top general contractor in Central PA,” said Jon Kinsley, CEO of Kinsley Construction. “We have a tremendous amount of pride in the community where we started our business 55 years ago, and would like to thank everyone for their continued support.”

For their annual Reader Rankings, CPBJ asked its readers to nominate and vote for businesses they believe deserve recognition for their industry excellence and contributions. Thousands of participants selected top businesses in categories ranging from construction/design, education, financial investments, information technology, hospitality and retail.

Full ranking information can be found in the CPBJ 2018 Reader Rankings book.


Kinsley Construction eyes bigger picture for hometown York

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by Our York Media,


“My dad built that,” he says.

That boy could be any Kinsley employee’s child, says President and CEO Jon Kinsley. That’s because that sense of both wonder and pride in the company’s hometown extends across the organization. It’s in every brick, every beam.

It’s the foundation of a business that’s been dedicated to the York community for more than 50 years. And it’s the launching point of a new initiative – #BuildYork – that is spurring York’s revitalization as Kinsley takes a more focused mission on its hometown.


“We take great pride in the connections we make and the relationships we build here,” Jon says. “We love getting to know the people and businesses of York and learning about their visions for the city.”


Jan Wagner sat in his seat at the Appell Center for the Performing Arts, thinking of what would make the theater around him even more striking. In 2003, Kinsley had completed a multi-million-dollar renovation of the facility, but still there were things left undone.

“Unfinished business,” the Kinsley Vice President called it — business to be settled soon with another project at the site, 15 years after the first.

“That’s what’s special about working in York: you and your family are going to be in those buildings you help to create,” Jan says. “You never really leave your projects.”

Kinsley has had many touchstone projects in York County including the Appell Center, the Yorktowne Hotel and the York County Judicial Center.

But the bulk of the jobs the company has finished in York County are not about the limelight. They’re about an entrepreneur with a bold idea, or an underutilized property, or a local business looking to grow.

Whether it’s creating a space for York County residents to unwind and connect, like at the newly remodeled York Blue Moon, or breaking ground on a project that can change the economics of our community, like the Yorktowne Hotel, Kinsley is looking at the bigger picture for building York.

“We’ve always tried to take our strengths and apply them to help small businesses,” Jon says. “They’re the backbone and the engine that’s fueling York’s growth.”


Kinsley Construction has completed more than 8,000 projects in York County over its 55-year history. Restaurants and museums, schools and libraries: look closely on your way to work tomorrow, and you can see them.

You can feel Kinsley in the community.

“This is where we grew up, and it’s where our kids and grandkids are going to grow up,” Jon says. “We feel you need to give back to the community you call home.”

R_181011_N5_medium (1)

For over 800 of Kinsley’s 1,400+ employees, that means living, working and playing in York. It means philanthropy and volunteerism that touches more than 100 nonprofits across the county. Soon, it will mean even closer ties, as the company updates an East Princess Street property that will house an expanding Kinsley building division.

That will put the engine for downtown’s continued revival right where it belongs: in the heart of the city.

“We’re very excited to bring more of our people around downtown,” Jon says. “We’re looking at this as a way to allow for growth for the next 10 years or more.”


On a sunny Saturday morning not so long ago, Jan loaded his kids in the car and drove across the city. They watched as he looked over the progress at Kinsley’s latest job site, ensuring everything was just so.

It went by too quickly, of course; these days, those kids are grown or gone. Still, when they come home to visit, they like to ride with their dad by the new Kinsley projects in York.

“They still take pride in that work, just like I do,” Jan says. “Just like everyone on my team does.”

So, Jan tells them what’s planned, knowing that somewhere in the city this morning there’s a Kinsley project manager who’s up early, thinking about the job. He wants to show his work to a wide-eyed little girl in the back seat today.

He wants her to know how fulfilling it still is, after all these years, helping to build York.

Originally printed in Our York Media.