From jobsite to firehouse, Kinsley Construction manager is right where she belongs

by Our York Media,


Maybe it’s a warehouse renovation, where men have been sweating in the summer swelter. Or maybe it’s the new unit at a York County hospital, the complicated technical specs to be followed just so. Sure, you can see him standing there.

But can you see — her?

“There’s definitely a small group of old-school people who are surprised to see a woman out there,” says Kaitlin Stough, a Kinsley Construction project manager. “But, when you focus on quality work, building relationships and making the client happy, the respect comes.”


Kaitlin’s no stranger to working in predominantly male fields.

After high school, she enrolled in fire school to be a volunteer firefighter and later worked jobs as an emergency department tech and 911 dispatcher.

For the next phase of her career, Kaitlin still wanted to make a difference – and Kinsley provided just the opportunity. Every project is a chance to give back, whether it’s new housing, a school renovation or a facility that will create jobs.

Kaitlin appreciates having a workplace where employees grow along with the spaces they create; where a new project is a point of local pride; where everyone climbs the ladder together.

“Kinsley is supportive of anyone trying to accomplish a goal – personal or professional,” Kaitlin says. “They’re right behind you, ready to help get it done.”


That support extends beyond the jobsite, as Kinsley is just as focused on building people — their people — as they are on building buildings.

Today, Kaitlin and her husband are both volunteer firefighters with Franklintown Community Fire Co. They spend ballpark weekends with their 13-year-old son, Aidan. And if there’s a spare minute, the family hikes together.

She’s never felt like she’s had to sacrifice her life as a wife or a mom or a community member while she’s grown with Kinsley.

Originally published in Our York Media.

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